What’s it going to look like?

Hey there,

So as some if you have been asking, what it’s going to look like to get an idea of how it’s going to work we thought we’d share some screenshots.  It’s going to be easy to use and work in the way that applications are built for that device.  Once you download it, you’ll immediately know how to use it.  Expect the Windows Phone 8 version to be very different to this one but still guaranteeing the same level of privacy and security.

You can also get an idea of some of the features it has, multi user messaging, blocking, address book integration as well giving those who are interested, control of the inner workings.  If someone isn’t using Talaria, we’ll let you either invite them or give them a discounted version as a gift.

Active channels
Active channels

This shows your active chat  channels, who’s online (if they want to share that) and notifications of pending messages.

Simple chat screen, that you already recognise
Simple chat screen

This is the simple chat screen, we’re still deciding what this is going to look like and we’d like to give people more information about the chat, chat parties etc, sending files.  We’re also working on a one touch scheme to leave a voice message for someone.  Sometimes we find that tone gets lost in simple text messages and you just want to drop them a quick few words in your own voice.  Ever been having a really heated argument and said something you regret?  We’ve come up with a “Time-out” button that stops you (and them) from exchanging messages for 5 minutes.  There are lots of things about Talaria that are going to make you want to use it.

Address Book
Address Book

Your phone’s address book, allows you to easily find people you want to chat to and get them on board with Talaria.

App Settings
App Settings

A key feature of Talaria is to keep you in control.  We expect that many people will just use it to chat and not be too bothered about these.  One of the things that we do like is the idea that messages roll off.  We don’t store messages on the server once we’ve sent them to you and from a privacy perspective, it’s better that after a period of time the messages get deleted.  We find that when we want to refer to previous messages, it’s for getting timings, telephone numbers, places to meet, addresses and so on which is why as well as auto roll off of messages we have an encrypted message clipboard.  Just double tap the message in chat and it’s auto added to a clipboard we keep for you, that way things of importance are always, easily to hand, and you don’t need to go scrolling through hundreds of messages just to find that one email address or telephone number.  Of course if you want to just keep everything, you can turn the feature off.

Also in here, you’ll find things about the encryption keys, again, we expect most people won’t be fussed about this, but it’s all there for you to be able to check, rotate and purge.  This is also the jumping off point for security folks who want to make sure we’re doing what we should be.


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